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This is a typical case of specializing in doing things ‘the other way round’. Instead of waiting for intended audiences to respond to various mass media, Activations & Promotions ‘drive home’ the message, quite literally. That is taking the messages right into the regions, the offices, the favorite haunts, the dwellings, and right into the lives of target groups. And at Eye Concepts, we’ve been answering to such requirements with astounding results. As an integral part of contemporary experiential marketing, we at Eye Concepts bear a class-leading lineage in the said field. Not only are we experienced at understanding client requirements and executing the same, but with our brand activation concepts, we’ve been able to provide our clientele with matchless advantages. Be it our research & handling division, our logistics department, our expertise at designing & creating modular structures, or traversing hundreds of cities across thousands of miles with such messages, our in-house activation teams are decidedly on the task always, standing tall to a variety of widespread turnkey requirements. Eye Concepts has been expanding its repertoire over the past decade and in the process has been continually toeing the line between the experiential and experimental.

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